Photo Essay: Impressions of photogenic Yazd

Just about a few months ago I went on the most photogenic trip of my life. Yazd had me mesmerized in all sorts of ways. From the crumbling doors and mud-brick buildings to the food and the city’s remarkable architecture.

Wandering in Yazd you’d quickly realize that here instead of skyscrapers it’s the wind catchers (Badgir) and minarets that reach for the sky.

IMG_0061 copy

See the wind catcher on the left? Climb on a rooftop and you’d marvel a sky painted with them…


This is what I’m talking about!

Authenticity and heritage dissipates in the old district, one that quickly disappears as soon as you find your way to the banal modern main streets.

Yazd boasts Iranian culture in every corner. Even the door knobs of the decayed wooden doors have a story to tell. One with a thicker noise for the men and another with a much delicate sound for the women to knock. Letting the host to acknowledge who’s behind the door and perhaps for the women to cover up if they’re to encounter the men. This just shows how modest and private the culture of this part of Iran is. One that Yazd seems to be holding on tightly while everywhere else is quickly letting go.

IMG_0227 copy

Left door knocker for the men, the right rounded one for the women. They might not seem so different but they make a perfectly different sound.

IMG_0147 copy

Not all houses will have both door knobs, but many of them were just as ramshakle and gorgeous.

IMG_0076 copy

Can you tell I had fallen for the doors? 😉

Then there was the people. The men who were more than eager to pose for my camera and the women passing by who giggled when they noticed they’ve just become the subject of my next shot.

IMG_0033 copy

IMG_0098 copy

The shop owner proudly posing with his great possession of Termeh fabrics. Ones that their most exquisite kind is to be found in Yazd.

IMG_0105 copy

Turquoise and deep blue tiles reviving the sand hued walls of Yazd.

IMG_0092 copy


Yazd is a photographers dream. One that you’ll get to cheat in with just fitting sublimity in a frame and pressing that camera button one too many times.

IMG_0130 copy IMG_0240 copy

IMG_0275 copy

At the copper’s market.

IMG_0278 copy

Man content with his modest copper shop.


Jame Mosque of Yazd

IMG_0310 copy

At Dowlat Abad garden. A lush green paradise in the middle of the much dry landscape of Yazd. An oasis on the spot!

IMG_0328 copy

Inside Dowlat Abad palace.


  • travelgeekery

    Beautiful pics…!!! I’m going to Iran in a month and can’t wait! Have you been to Shiraz too? Which one do you find better to visit – Shiraz or Yazd? Thank you! 🙂

    • Great!! yes of course I’ve been to Shiraz. You can read my post about it here: . While I do love Yazd to bits, if I were to choose one I would definitely say Shiraz. There are too many world famous sites there that you can’t miss and Shiraz is just way too beautiful and romantic. 😉
      I hope you have a great journey. Are you staying in Tehran as well? Make sure you do.

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