25 Photos that will make you want to visit Filband, IRAN!

Following our road trip from a few weeks back, I’ve been meaning to share a collection of photos I’ve taken in Filband.  The village was just so unspoilt and unprecedented that I had a hard time putting my camera down and a harder time to pick out my favourite photos out of the hundreds I had captured.

I’ve written all about our road trip to this bucolic heaven before, where you can read about how we went, what we did and what’s there to expect. But today’s all about these postcards selling that picture-perfect village where epicurean dreams are made of… 🙂


Starting from our balcony view for a few days…


Driving up to Filband there were surprises with every turn. Toytown cottages and picturesque villages would peek out from the trees. Shepherds were seen with their herd grazing in bright green pastures. There were never ending picture locations and it was hard to make stops for each single one.


quaint cottages sneaking out of nowhere!

IMG_2238 IMG_2582 IMG_2607

IMG_2567 IMG_2615

IMG_2534 IMG_2640 IMG_2634Above all, Filband is famous for its over the cloud sunset views. One that we were lucky enough to witness on our first evening spent in the village. We spent hours sitting on mountain tops and lingering over nature’s dazzling theatrics.

IMG_2298 IMG_2279 IMG_2323 IMG_2372


cotton candy clouds…



we stared at the beam of sunlight filtering through cotton candy clouds…



Sunsets here were sensational!

The village itself is teeny tiny, but it offers countless panoramas right out of a fairy tale.



waking up early to see this majestic sunrise…

Leaving this paradise turned out to be pain. It’s a good thing I have all these pictures to recall the memories we made along the way.

Filband can be seen in a day trip and it’s only a few hours from Tehran. So if you find yourself in the Iranian capital and the heat was killing, consider this little gem to cool off for a day or two.

All photos were taken by my Canon 70D camera and kit lens.

Read more about how to visit Filband here!


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  • Arash

    Absolutely breathtaking! Bravo and thanks for excellent blog and on spot observations/hints!
    Keep on the great work please! 🙂

  • Babak V

    I`ve been there too and it was amazing. The interesting part is, we could not find any garbage bin there. So you will have a super clean area in your sight. Hopefully it can be visited in one day as well! Here are my ideas and photos about Filband:


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