Fabulous Finds: Best Tea House in Naqsh-e Jahan Sq

Sightseeing in the second biggest square in the world can get exhausting at times. Specially if there are 2 mosques, one palace and 2 grand bazaars that are all irresistible to visit. Naqshe-e Jahan square can easily take up a day of your travels in Esfahan and there’s really not much you can do about it (I’ve written a whole guide on it here). So you’ve got to find some chilling out places to freshen up every now and then.

One of my favourite places for an afternoon cup of tea is the well known Azadegan Tea house and Dizi place. I’ve been here both for the tea and the Dizi – the only dish on the menu. While I’m not a huge fan of their Dizi – consider me as a huge Dizi lover! – I think their Doogh (salty yugurt drink) is the best in all of Esfahan and it’s served in a huge glass which gets you almost drunk by the end of it. :))



But what seduces travellers to come here for their afternoon tea is all about the atmosphere. The interior design is beautiful and unique. So different to any place you’ve ever seen. The owner must be a huge fan of antiques. There are a collection of lanterns hanging from the ceiling, carpets on the walls, old pictures and ton of other bits and bobs to attract your attention. You could spend quite a while exploring every corner. Closer inspections could reveal ancient tales and mysteries hidden inside picture frames and utensils.

img_4973 img_4936

Here tea is brought to boil in a huge samovar. They come in different tastes, but black tea is the traditional one and it’s served with Gushfil, an Esfahani honey syrup soaking sweet which goes perfectly well with the bitterness of your black tea. 🙂

img_4953 img_4957 img_4976

Prices here are alright. Not too cheap, but they won’t break the bank.

Address: Chah Haj Mirza Alley, just off the north-eastern side of Imam Square, Esfahan, Iran

Don’t be afraid if you have to go through some weird allies to get to here. It’s worth it all. 😉


  • Maria M

    With every post you got me wanting to visit Iran even more! Hopefully one day!

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