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I’m Matin. A Graphic Designer by degree and a traveler at heart. Born in Tehran and raised in 3 continents and 5 countries, I was privileged enough to travel and make international friends since an early age. It was definitely tough to change schools and leave friends behind, but I managed to survive with a love for travel, languages and a passion for soaking into different cultures.
Between a part time job as a Graphic Designer, and recently co-founding Persian Food Tours, I’ve made it my mission to squeeze in as much traveling as I can. I write about my experiences, give you travel tips and show you the perspective of an Iranian women that has a deep affection for exploring the world.

Feel free to leave me a comment, giving me feedback and ideas. Make sure to follow my Facebook or Twitter page to be notified with the updates and get to see a lot more inspiring travel related stuff.You can contact me through this email: matinl90(@)gmail.com and follow me on Instagram for daily pictures. If you ever get curious to check out my artwork here’s where you can have a look.I can’t wait to hear your thoughts!

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  • Angela

    Hi Matin.. you have such an unusualy name. Pleased to stumble on your blog today and your photographs made me want to read all your entries. Well I have .. and I have book marked the ones for Spain and Portugal.. if God willing.. I hope to do it this year. You have a good eye. I asked you a question about your camera and lens for such amazing pics. and I hope you will reply.
    Enjoy travelling.. I would like to buy the one way tickets and live out 6 months at a time just travelling.. but that is in my secret dream world. I know that will not happen.. but I have mangaged to wing myself through a few countries, and have a lust list which I will hopefully get a chance to fulfil slowly. So good luck to you and hope you fulfill your dreams of travel… “nothing will work unless you do” Regards from Kuwait..

    • Thank you so much for your nice comment Angela. I know that traveling might not seem so at reach sometimes, but trust me, the more you get into it the easier it looks. I truly hope you find your way to this part of the planet as there is so much to see. Btw, Matin means dignified, or a person with a lot of dignity in Persian and I believe it means the same in Arabic. It also means the early morning in French. 😉

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  • Hi Matin! Chanced upon your blog while looking up tips on how to dress in Iran. I’m visiting in a couple of days and was a little anxious about what to expect but your blog has been very helpful!

    • Aww that’s sweet. I’m glad you found everything helpful. Don’t worry about anything. I’m sure you’ll have a blast. 😉

  • Amir

    I recommend your weblog to many of my foreign friends on a daily basis, simply anyone who wants to dig a little dipper than media about our country and I thank you for that. You’re a great writer. Keep it up…

    • Thank you Amir. That’s so nice of you. I’m glad you’re enjoying the blog and I will definitely keep on introducing Iran to the world. 😉

  • Beautiful website and brilliant job Matin Jan. Would love to chat with you about a collaboration. Where can I send you a private email?

  • Daryanaz Mostajabaldaveh

    Bravo Matin jan. Bright vision & Great work . I’ll send you a private message.

  • PansyDaisyDog

    Religions that require one gender to dress differently from another are inherently oppressive. Your rights as a human are not won by applying more makeup or doing cute things with your mandatory headscarf.

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