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I’m a graduate in Graphic Design and the field has been my work and passion ever since. I love working on branding projects as well as Web designs or generally UI. I’m currently working on bringing my love for both design and travel in one place. I accept all sorts of design projects but I’m eager to work on those related to travel.

I’ve been writing at Travestyle for about a year now and while I’m not limited in producing articles about Iran only, as one of the few Iranian bloggers writing in English I’ve been feeling myself more and more responsible in breaking stereotypes on this beautiful country. If you own a restaurant, a hotel or even produce a product that reflects our values, Travestyle is open to invitations on press trips, product, services and destination reviews. This is a great place to promote your service while aiming for the readers of Travestyle who are generally foreigners interested or planning a trip to Iran.

My work and relation with some of the leading companies in Iran’s travel industry has given me a great insight on the countries capabilities as well as the demands and needs of travelers. Whether you like to join a group or travel as an individual and need an itinerary tailored according to your taste, I can help you make the best out of your journey.

If you’ve got things under control and you just need a few tips or want to meet over tea or coffee, don’t hesitate to shoot me an email. If I’m not traveling, I’m always glad to meet my readers. 😉

I’m also an official tour guide and fluent in English with an advanced level of Portuguese and Spanish. If you found yourself in Tehran and wanted a local guide to take you off the beaten track I’m open to requests.

Last but not least, you can always just send a few words, get to know me a little better and perhaps ask for any advice that I might be able to give. I’m usually pretty strict on answering emails promptly.

Email: matinl90(@)

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You can also check out my Artwork here.

My interviews:
A travelista from Iran – Reizen op sneakers.
Dies ist eine Zeit der Chancen – Interview with German newspaper ,General Anzeiger (German)

Features and Guest posts:

How to convince the world it’s OK to travel to Iran? – Marocmama

O que fazer em Teerão, as dicas da Matin Lashkari – Alma de Viajante (Portuguese)

5 tips of cheap travel in Iran – National Geography (Poland)


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  • Vanessa

    Hi Dear,

    I followed closely your blog in Iran, and I wish I had met you personally, since i used it literally as a guide. I think I read every single article you have.
    Benig a blogger mysellf when I wrote today an article I told my readers to follow you as well:

    (hope you dont mind I used your picture, all credits given)
    Thanks so much for your content!

    • Thank you sooo much Vanessa. I’m glad you’ve been enjoying the blog. 🙂

  • Bella Laufer

    Hi dear Matin,

    Thanks for your amazing blog. I started reading it back in Russia and continue now, having traveled around Iran and waiting for Iranian passport 😉 I’m glad to see the tourist ties between our countries grow. There are really a lot of Iranians coming to my native city, St. Petersburg, and Moscow. On the other hand, more and more Russians start to understand that Iran is an amazing and safe place. Honestly, I think your website should be translated into as much languages as possible to spread the word about Iran! As a translator, I could help with the Russian part ;):)

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