Rome is probably the most fascinating city I have ever visited. It was absolutely beyond my expectations. Walking in the streets of Rome is like going back in time. It gives you a special feeling and it makes you think of all those empires who used to rule in this area for years. I was amazed of how well everything was preserved.
I was lucky enough to spend last Christmas in Rome. Although the weather was still quite cold, I believe it is one of the best you can get in Europe during winter time. 
Public transportation in Rome is not exactly what you would expect from one of the most touristic cities in the world, but it’s efficient if you’re only planning to stay a few days and enjoy the main attractions.
The metro is very easy to use since it only has two lines. It’s quite old and dirty and it can also be very busy during rush hour. The stations are not very close to each other comparing to other cities I have visited and it does not cover the whole city. You might also want to pay good attention to your belongings since pickpocketing is very randomly heard in Rome’s subway and I personally experienced it. 

Getting from the Airport to Rome:
From the Fiumicino Airport, which is the biggest Airport of Rome, there are a few ways of getting to the city. The cheapest option is taking the bus which will cost around 5€ per person and it will take up to 1 hour depending on the traffic. The most known transit bus company is known are Terravision. You can buy your tickets at their counter in the airport or reserve them online which I don’t think it’s necessary.
Here‘s the link to their website for more information.
The best way of getting to Rome’s downtown would be taking the train. I tried both bus and train and although the train is more expensive (14€ one way) it saves you a lot of time.
The train is called Leonardo Express.You can buy your tickets at the train station or buy them online here.
There is just so much to see in Rome. The Italians are quite fun. They enjoy being out all the time and speak english quite well. Many of them can also speak Spanish. I don’t know if it was just my luck but I found them to be very helpful if you needed to ask any questions.

Most of Rome’s main attractions are located in the city center. You can walk from one to another through Rome’s beautiful narrow streets, while enjoying the ancient arquitecture. You can also stop by for an ice cream “gelato”or a slice of pizza at anytime since it can be easily found in corner of the city.
Rome is a destination for all kinds of people. It’s full of art and history. It’s great for shopping and food and it’s also a romantic place for those who like to choose it as their honeymoon destination.
Personal tips:
There is just so much that you can learn about a new place!
Doing lots of reading and research about the place I’m planning to visit prior to taking the trip has proven to be very useful. .
Almost every time I came back home a trip, I wished I could return to that place to see everything again but with the knowledge I had already acquired.
In my experience, the first time you visit a place, it’s impossible not to get distracted by things which may not let you enjoy your trip to the fullest. Don’t worry, it happens. What I do religiously is to take notes on things I don’t know anything about or that I haven’t understood well enough and when I get back home, I do more research on that.
If you are planning to tour around Italy or just visit a few cities I strongly recommend watching this video by Rick Steves.  You will not be disappointed.
Bon voyage!
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