Amsterdam’s Van Gogh museum has to be one of my favorite museums of all time. Not only because it’s the biggest collection of Van Gogh’s paintings and drawings but because the whole design of the museum is just on another level.
Although it’s also one the most expensive museums I’ve ever been to with an entrance fee of 15€ and absolutely no discounts for students or really anyone! But everything in Amsterdam is relatively expensive, specially entrance fees and it was a one time experience so I just went for it.
And here’s why I found this museum so remarkable:
1. I found the whole exhibition was so beautifully laid out. This includes the information on the walls, captions, the color painted on the walls and the whole arrangement of the paintings.
2. You’ll get to see a great collection of the actual material that Van Gogh used in his works along with a series of his letters.
3. They have special brochures for kids in order to make the visit even more interesting. There is a treasure hunt brochure that obligates them to get into details of specific paintings and a lot more which you can find out here. Children can even celebrate their birthdays there!! What else can you ask from a museum?!
4. There are places that you can just sit down, relax and you’re provided with books about Van Gogh to do some further reading.
5. There are microscopes and lot more stuff to let you get into the details of the works and see the process of Van Gogh’s layering.

6. The museum has an amazingly designed website which gives you all the information you need as well as being interactive.

7. The staff were super nice and friendly and they are people who actually know a lot about the works displayed there. We found one of the staff who gave us some great information on the sunflowers painting.

8. There are audiovisuals letting you get even deeper on some of the masterpieces.

9. The museum’s shop is by far the best I have seen. You can literally buy anything with sunflowers on it. Obviously everything was super expensive but the collection was so tempting.
10. You’re allowed to take photos of everything!
11. Last but not least, this is where you’ll get to see some of Vicent’s most famous master pieces.
The bedroom

I hope you enjoyed reading this post as much as I enjoyed writing it.

Happy Travels,


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