Seville was definitely a huge underestimation!! I had never expected this. I came to a point where I lost my heart to it on the first day and it rapidly became my most favorite Spanish city until I saw Barcelona. 

I thought Seville had too much to offer comparing to it’s size. It’s an absolute feast of architecture, from gothic churches, gorgeous andalusian tile work and tiny narrow streets to modern buildings like no other. The rich Andalusian culture is at it’s best in this city. 

Unfortunately we spent a very short time in Sevilla since our main destination was Alhambra, Granada. Like I said, I had underrated Seville and never thought it would be as it was. Trying to take advantage of every minute, I got to see some of the most amazing places that Seville had to offer. So here’s a little treat of my short holiday in Seville.

1. Plaza España

There are a some places in the world that are a must-see in both daylight and night time because they are just two different experiences that are equally wonderful. I found the Trevi fountain in Rome and the Eiffel tower to be on this list, and here in Seville I found another one to add, Plaza Espanã.
My pictures don’t do any justice on how beautiful this square is but my mouth literally dropped when I arrived here under the moonlight. The Spanish just like the French do know their lighting skills as I found many buildings in Spain to be spectacular at night time. I reckon this place must be even better during summer when the canals are filled with water.

2. Alcazar of Seville
This place is a stunning show of moorish architecture. Having Alhambra (Granada) as our final destination, this was a little feature of what was waiting for us at the end of our trip. The garden is huge and the palace resembles Islamic architecture at it’s best. 
3. Cathedral of Seville
Former mosque and current church, this cathedral is the most embellished one I have yet laid eyes on. There are Gothic ornaments dazzling in every corner, breathtaking views from the Giralda tower and one hell of a history lesson to be observed. 
You might have to queue for a while and 8€ entrance fee might seem a lot for a place of worship but I can tell you it’s worth every minute and every penny in your pocket. 
View from the Giralda Tower
View of Seville’s bullfighting ring from Giralda tower
4. Metropol Parasol

Known as the biggest wooden building in the world, Motropol Parasol is a masterpiece of German architect, Jurgen Hermann. I had never seen anything like it and was absolutely beautiful at night time. You even get to go above the building with a 2€ entrance where you can wonder around the structure and feast your eyes on the beautiful city. 

These places were the main highlights of my short trip to Seville but just wondering around the streets was equally delightful. I’ll definitely be going back someday, hopefully.

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