Going through my older blogposts I have realized that when it comes to Portugal I have written very little. Specially about Lisbon where I have been living for the past few years. So I thought it’s time to make it up since after all Lisbon is probably where I know things best. (after my beloved hometown Tehran, obviously)

Lisbon like many other cities comes with it’s cons and pros. It’s rare to find a capital or even a major city to be sitting so close to the ocean and that, is probably for many including myself, the most special charm about Lisbon.
Beaches in Portugal are not just some other beach. If you know where to go they come with white sandy beaches and crystal clear and turquoise blue water. But nonetheless, with extremely low temperatures even in a boiling hot summer day.

But it’s not just the beaches. Lisbon is full of a history from the age of the discoveries to the survival of a massive earthquake in 1755. It’s peaceful and calm. Although it’s a capital city you don’t see the rush and the rapid life or even any skyscrapers. Everything seems to be going smoothly just like the Portuguese themselves who are probably the most relaxed nation I have yet to see. It’s not a good thing when you’re expecting a work to be done by them, actually it’s horrific, but on the other hand you can feel a calming sensation running through the town which is pleasant at times.

Lisbon is full of abandoned houses, derelict buildings and tiny old flats with small balconies decorated with flower pots. It’s authentic and genuine from an artistic point of view, but it’s also sad to think they wont be standing for long if no restoration takes place.
People watching is an entertainment here, and you’ll see why when you head to the old neighborhood of Alfama and notice the elderly gazing through their windows grasping the look of strangers as they walk by.

The Portuguese love their Espresso, their life revolves around their beach life and seem to handle things quite well even at times of a huge economic crisis. They are welcoming and open to visitors. The  young general public speaks very good English and they are willing to take time and help you when you’re in need. In general they leave a very good first impression.
However,  I’ve found them to be quite conservative when it comes to their private life. They are not the kind of people who you would meet for a few times and would tell you a lot about their family or carrier. They like to keep those things to themselves and between the very trustworthy around them.

Portugal is a tiny country. Extremely green, full of natural gems and jaw dropping scenery. There’s not that much happening here in terms of international fairs and cultural events, at least not comparing to other western European capitals. It can get a bit boring on a rainy winter evening but just wait until it’s summer and this place is paradise! With it’s mild summery weather, the sun shining daily and the beach at your side it’s definitely a top summer destination which is actually quite underrated.

I’ll be writing more and more about Lisbon and Portugal in the close future, but I hope you have enjoyed this post and if you’d like to see more picture make sure you follow me on Instagram. And of course feel free to leave me a comment if you have ever experienced Portugal and any further suggestions.

Happy Travels 🙂


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