Sintra is a gorgeous town just 30 km from central Lisbon. It’s easily accessible from the city center and therefor an absolute must see on anyones trip to Lisbon.

While most people opt for a day trip to Sintra, you are totally capable of staying there for a whole week without getting bored. Most people head to its lavishing medieval palaces which make up Sintra’s main attractions. I have written a full post reviewing each of them here.

But there’s more to Sintra then charming palaces and enchanting gardens and today I’ll be listing some of my favorite natural wonders of this stunning region.

view of moorish castle and Sintra
1. Cabo da Roca

Cabo da Roca is famous for being the most western point of continental Europe. While that only gets you a sign and perhaps a selfie caption, Cabo da Roca comes with astonishing views of the Atlantic ocean and a beautiful lighthouse which gives a magical touch to the scenic landscape.



2. Guincho beach

Guincho is the most beautiful beach of Sintra in my opinion. The views from there are beyond magical and the water is turquoise blue. It’s mainly a surfing beach as it’s quite windy most of the time but if you don’t mind the breeze this is a picture-perfect place to soak up the sun as well.


3. One delightful hiking place without a name!

This gorgeous lake is one of Sintra’s hidden gems. I couldn’t find out its name, so I assume it doesn’t have one. It’s hidden in a way that if you pass by it you wont be seeing anything and unless someone tells you about it, it’s hard to find out. But this magnificent scene is just a few meters across the Penha Longa resort entrance (that’s the best address I can give). From here on you’ll see hiking paths leading to the forest where you can go for a walk or if you don’t fancy the hike, picnicking alongside the lake also comes with it’s charms.


SONY DSC 4. Adraga beach

Adraga is another off the beat Sintra destination. It’s pretty hard to get here if you don’t have a vehicle but if you do, you’ll be finding yourself in paradise where temptation calls from the emerald blue water and the scenery is just out of this world!

IMG_5249 IMG_5274

5. Boca do inferno (Gate of Hell)

Now the name might not sound so charming, but there’s a tragic love story to this little piece of heaven which was once used for committing suicide. I know! so much of a heaven! Although it may seem scary on a windy day when the waves hit the cliff vigorously but it makes a delightful location to catch the Portuguese sunset on the Atlantic.

Btw, I cheated a little with this one since it’s not exactly located in Sintra but rather in Cascais. However it’s super close to there and you’ll be passing Cascais on your way from Lisbon to Sintra anyway!



I’m sure there’s much more to Sintra than what I have mentioned. But let’s just say, these 5 make up my top favorites after having gone there for quite a few times.

Have you been to Sintra? If so, share your discoveries in the comments and let me know of any hidden gems I’ve missed out on.

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