I barely knew a thing about Malaga before I stepped a foot in the city. Apart from the fact that it was Picasso’s birthplace. Nor did I have any special expectations. I was mainly thinking of it as a temporary transit that was going to lead us to our actual destination, Granada. But just after spending a full day in the city I was totally astonished and everything turned on its head.

Malaga was my first visit to Spain and while this was prior to visiting some of the main cities (Barcelona, Madrid, Seville), my thought are still the same. In fact I’m even more impressed!

City hall of Malaga

I was mainly amazed of how clean and renovated everything was. The city seemed brand new. It was hard to believe that this was only the 6th biggest city in Spain with a population that only reached half a million and unlike many smaller cities in other countries it wasn’t left out to rot. Later on after visiting other parts of Spain I was quite impressed by how well the wealth was distributed between all the cities and it wasn’t just focused on the capital and Barcelona.


Malaga isn’t all about beautiful buildings, the glorious sunshine and exquisite beaches. The city had seen so much history to itself that it’s known as one of the oldest cities in the world with a history that spans about 2800 years. Thanks to the great preservation, central Malaga is an open museum showing off its rich background in every corner. It’s a whirlwind of beauty and antiquity.


I wear my heart on my sleeves when it comes to charming narrow alley ways!

From La Boqueria in Barcelona or Mercado San Miguel in Madrid to Mercado de Atarazanas in Malaga, Markets make one of my favorite things about Spain. I find it so delightful and amusing to just wander around them and perhaps indulge my belly with a few delectable treats. I’m fascinated by the massive variety of food in Spain as well as the attentive display. No wonder why central food markets make one of the top attractions of every Spanish city!

Olive heaven in Mercado de Atarazanas

Although we were on a limited time to visit the city we got a glimpse of some of the main attractions. The Alcazaba wasn’t much comparing to the Alcazar of Seville but it’s a great location to marvel some majestic views of city with the Mediterranean background.

Views of the port of Malaga from the Alcazaba
The Alcazaba

The Cathedral of Malaga on the other hand is a charm!


Whether is was the pleasant weather that sticks all year round or my particular passion for seaside cities, Malaga had cast a spell on me right off the bat. While I’m more of city girl who enjoys the hustle and bustle at times, Malaga would be my ultimate retirement destination where I would actually want some peace and quiet. It’s a convenient city that’s got all you need without going over board. It’s peaceful, green, gorgeous and quiet and there’s enough to not let you get bored. And with the Mediterranean at your feet, what else could you want?!


If you’re into Malaga by now, then you’d be head over heels with Seville. Read all about my love affair with Seville.

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