I’ll start with a confession. I’ve been cringing of excitement for this post for a few months now and somehow the wait only got longer and longer. I’m over the moon to think that this small blog that I started to just share my travel photos became big enough to give me the confidence and power to do bigger things. Today, not only do I get all my work and collaboration opportunities via this platform but I get to call myself a co-founder of a business I’m thoroughly excited about. That’s right! We are officially launching the first official Persian food tours of Iran. And I couldn’t be anymore excited! 🙂

I’ve had the idea for months. There are iranian agencies that offer food tours here and there, but everything is directed toward tailor-made tours and expensive prices. Not to mention they were all somehow focused on food tasting rather than experimenting cooking in a Persian kitchen. But through my experience, I saw many travellers who were overwhelmed by the beauty of everything and so exhausted from many hours of sightseeing that they craved an opportunity where they could get their hands dirty and actually do something rather than just being a spectator.

I knew who I had to contact. Shirin had already been experimenting with her cooking classes and had just opened her own kitchen, which I found to be extremely professional and delicately designed. She had a lust for food and I was a passionate traveler. It took us a 2 hour coffee session to realize we’re on the same page and had pretty much the same vision in launching a business together. We got to work, planned out the tour, went through the locations, studied, decided on menus, cooked, photographed and designed the whole thing to target individual travellers who’d like to experiment something a little different while they’re in Iran.

So here’s how things go: 

Our Persian Food Tours are a 9-3 tours including a culinary walk and cooking class. Everything is conducted by myself and Shirin. We’ll be starting with a walk through the bustling Tajrish bazaar, where we’ll be introducing Persian spices and ingredients as well as giving you tips on shopping for the best pomegranates! We’ll buy some of our main ingredients before we head to the kitchen and teach you how we Persians put our beloved saffron to good use. 😉


We’ve planned our menus according to season just as Iranians do. Our menu includes a four course meal: a starter, main dish, dessert and side dish topped with an Iranian drink of the season. All ingredients and products are on us, as well as transportation from the bazaar to the kitchen.

A glimpse of everything we’ve got planned out for you. 🙂

IMG_6280 IMG_6543

We have a fully equipped kitchen with a professional yet friendly environment where we’ll cook, chat and learn all the secrets of preparing a homemade Persian dish. We’ll then set the tables and have our lunch all together while sharing our travel and food experiments traveling through Iran.

Here’s what the kitchen looks like.
How much does it cost?

we’ve tried really hard to keep the costs as low as possible and we have managed to keep our prices to the minimum of similar services worldwide. We are eager to provide ingredients that are not only fresh but of the best quality.

Our fixed price is 80€. Our tours are open to all kinds of travellers. Basically anyone who loves food and doesn’t mind joining cooking with a little fun. Whether you’re a foreigner or an Iranian, there’s no limitations. We are also eager to collaborate with bloggers and those active in the tourism industry, so don’t hesitate to contact us if interested.

You can check out our website and start sending your requests.

You can also find us on instagram and Facebook

Rules and Regulations: 
  • Please make sure you book at least 2 weeks prior to the date.
  • Since regular cooking courses take place in the kitchen, we’d appreciate if you send us your available dates so that we can arrange something for all of us to enjoy.
  • We can arrange for minimum of 3 people and maximum of 10.
  • If you’re alone, let us know and we’ll try our best to set you up with another group. However if we’re unable, we might be unfortunate to cancel your tour.
  • Please let us know if you’ve decided to cancel for any reason as soon as possible.
  • Tour fee is to be paid in cash once we arrive at the kitchen. We’d be grateful if you don’t leave it for last minute. We accept euros or the equivalent in Iranian Rials.
  • Whether your a vegetarian or have any sort of food restrictions or allergies, please make sure you let us know in advance so we can adjust things to your needs.
  • All written recipes we’ll be given for you to try while your back home.
  • All tours and classes are conducted in English. However if you’re a large group, we can arrange for a translator upon an extra fee in any language required.

This project is the work result of two ambitious Iranian women. Everything has been created through by us and with our own expenses from top to bottom. We are hopeful that the boost in Iran’s tourism and your continuous support will bring brighter days for our tours and allow us to show our gratitude through discounts and other offers.

So spread the word and let us bring some delicious Persian food to many more tables in the world. 🙂

5 thoughts on “The Launch of Our Persian Food Tours!!

  1. Patrick Duclos says:

    Matin jaan!
    That’s such a persian thing to do, I mean inviting people to their kitchen, making sure they’re welcomed and eating well, etc! Such a great idea!
    I wish you and Shirin all the best in this yummy adventure!
    Wow!! 🙂
    p.s. Does the tour include a 30 minute jogging session to burn off those calories? 😉

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