Thanks to social media and internet, it’s getting easier and easier to find little gems even around Iran which seems to be still pretty unknown. I had seen pictures of Firouz Sherbat House – literally meaning syrup house in Persian – and heard my friends rave about it. So back when I was in Esfahan last summer I went looking for it, only to realize they had closed down for renovation and weren’t going to open in at least a few months. But by the look of things, it wasn’t hard to tell that I had to come back!

Here I am again in Esfahan with my Iranian/Mexican/American family wandering around Jolfa after a visit to the Vank cathedral when I pass by Firouz Sherbat House. We had just had the hugest breakfast and it wouldn’t be time for lunch for another few hours, but looking back and realizing that this family of mine has been hooked on Persian food for the last 2 weeks, I really doubt if they would say no. I get inside. Everyone else just follows. No objections whatsoever!

We get inside and peak into the rooms. The interior is so beautifully decorated with Qajar era paintings. Persian carpets adorn the floors and fresh flowers on the tables have got me on my weak point. Coming from a Design background, I’m all about presentations and this place is already stealing my heart.

Persian Paradise in Firuz Sherbat House | Esfahan, Iran Persian Paradise in Firuz Sherbat House | Esfahan, Iran Persian Paradise in Firuz Sherbat House | Esfahan, Iran

We pick a seat and wait for who turned out to be the sweetest waiter to bring us the menu. We kindly ask for an English one for my family and we’re told of the cafes strict policy on having everything in Persian only. According to him, you’re not going to find a Persian menu in the States so why should we have an English one here? I thought the guy had a point and considering this place is located in a very touristy area, I kind of applause the owner for staying true to what he really believes in. Here we go again. Me trying to translate a menu that I hardly understand myself. On the bright side, everyone’s open to surprises and so am I. After all, I always tend to order the strangest thing on the menu and this in Iran, where menus are always filled with almost the same dishes is the wisest thing you could do. Whenever you get the chance to try something new, just shoot!

We order a few drinks and some saffron ice cream with honey. I’ve had my fair share of infusions around Iran and way too much saffron ice cream, but let me tell you something: here things taste like heaven. I mean I wouldn’t even imagine how saffron ice cream could go with honey, but here I am, swooning on every bite and every sip of my drink. We’re all so hooked that we’re sharing drinks like they were tapas! And I already know where I’ll be hanging out next time I’m my favourite Iranian city.

Persian Paradise in Firuz Sherbat House | Esfahan, Iran Persian Paradise in Firuz Sherbat House | Esfahan, Iran Persian Paradise in Firuz Sherbat House | Esfahan, Iran

Everything at Firouz sherbat house is top notch. From the way, they treat customers, to the food and atmosphere. Add all that to reasonable pricing and it’s a bingo! I’d even dare to say this is probably my favourite cafe in all of Iran so far and that coming from me, means something. 😉

This place is big enough but I assume it would be really crowded on weekends, so perhaps if you’re heading with a large group, reserving in advance would be the smart thing to do.

For reservations, call +98-31-36240012.


We didn’t have lunch here, but looking at the menu, I could see that they were serving some very typical homemade Persian dishes and I’m pretty sure they taste just as amazing as everything else.

I couldn’t find them pinned on google, so I’m just sharing the square they are located in. The building looks extravagant enough from the outside for you to find easily. 😉

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  1. clo says:

    Wow, that is quite the find. I am saving this post and hope that I will be able to visit this cafe on my next trip to Iran. Love your blog!

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