Just as I’m putting down the words, I’m sitting in front of the AC and cannot even articulate how hot Yazd must be right now. But that doesn’t change the fact that it could be one of the most surprising destinations when visited at the right time. I’ve written long about my love for the adobe city and I’ve stated many times how I adore the fact that things are still kept very old-fashion. But every time I go back, I see how new hotels and restaurants are built on the site of old houses. I assume that’s a good thing, since we at least get to peak inside and enjoy all the glory that was kept indoors.

Kohan Hotel in Yazd | Great Food and Accommodation
Imagine if we were to miss out on this!

Kohan Hotel

I haven’t really recommended any accommodations on my blog apart from one that I absolutely loved, but just like my foodie places, I’m going to keep them narrowed to very specific and unique places and most likely on a budget. I haven’t stayed in Kohan hotel myself. What takes me back to this rather small budget hotel is the food. But since I’ve heard great reviews and from what I’ve seen, it looks like a great place to stay as well.

But first the food! The food here is ambrosial. Just when you’re sick of all the Kebab and chicken offered in all restaurants, Kohan hotel could be a life saver. The chef is a middle aged women who cooks food like it was for her own children. Everything smells and tastes just like home and don’t even get me started on the Fesenjun and how we were all salivating only by the look of it. I’ll admit, this was one of the best Fesenjuns I’ve had apart from my mums. No kidding!

Kohan Hotel in Yazd | Great Food and Accommodation

The menu at Kohan hotel offers very typical homemade dishes and every single dish that I’ve tried has been an edible art. I’m actually really glad that more typical dishes are making it to the menus these days, but it’s still a work in progress and when you get a chance to eat in places like these, I’d highly recommend skipping the ubiquitous and indulging yourself with some new tastes.

They seem to have an open bar on specific days and it’s great, but if you’ve got to choose from the menu, Fesenjun would be on top of my list. I absolutely loved the Kashk-e Bademjan (Egg plant dip) and Mirza Ghasemi with Doogh to accompany as a drink.

Prices are reasonable just like the accommodation itself. The location is superb since it’s right in the center of the old district with a lot of sights at walking distance. But what steals your heart at the first step is a heavenly courtyard which is always blooming with pink flowers. The whole atmosphere makes you want to linger as long as you can and have cups of tea coming your way.

Kohan Hotel in Yazd | Great Food and Accommodation
See what I mean?? Choosing one of the beds instead of a table wasn’t helping at all! :))
Kohan Hotel in Yazd | Great Food and Accommodation
Who could say no to this??!

Kohan Hotel in Yazd | Great Food and Accommodation Kohan Hotel in Yazd | Great Food and Accommodation

Kohan Hotel in Yazd | Great Food and Accommodation Kohan Hotel in Yazd | Great Food and Accommodation

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  1. Kees van Niejenhuis says:

    Looks like a really great place. Do you also have any accommodation suggestions for Teheran, Yazd, Esfahan and Shiraz? I like your blog!

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