Work with Travestyle

So you probably know me by now and thought we could get along?

You’re on the right track!

Being a multilingual website in both English and Persian, all our collaboration and produced content will be presented in both languages and thereby reach both audiences.

Here’s what we can do for you:

  • Press trips and destination marketing: So you have a great destination you want to promote? By inviting us to your destination we’ll make sure people see the best of it through professional photography and well-written travel stories.
  • Photography: We’ll tell your story through eye-catching photos
  • Travel writing: We’ll tell unique stories of your travels
  • Brand reviews and ambassadorship: Got an amazing brand you’d like to introduce? Here on the blog we’ll make sure everyone knows how badass it is.
  • Sponsorships: We’ve got lots of creativity to put into promoting your name. Let us know about it and we’ll tell you our crazy ideas.

Who are Travestyle readers:

Our readers are young enthusiasts mainly interested in exotic destinations. Travestyle is the biggest source of travel info on Iran in English and audience looking into Iran as their next destination. If you have a product or a service regarding Iran in any way, this is the right place to reach your target audience.

Travestyle has recently turned into a multilingual site. Along with our main English speaking audience, we’re able to reach over the 110 million Persian native speakers and specifically target the huge young and curious population of Iran.

Social Media:

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Instagram: 16K Followers

Twitter: 600 Followers

Pinterest: 600 Followers 

Why you’ll love working with us:

Having been raised in 4 continents and 5 countries, I’ve been exposed to culture shocks like no other. Considering the conditions, I’ve learned to be flexible, open and tolerate towards differences. To say the least, I get along pretty damn well with people from almost anywhere and any background.

I’ve had my studies in Graphic design and used to work as a designer for a few companies. This means no matter the job, I will always have a sense of aesthetics and produce everything in the most attractive and eye-pleasing format. Not to mention, I’m all about the details.

From my many years of blogging, my writing has found its voice. I’ve kept it honest, authentic and witty. Let’s just say that I’ve figured out the key to writing something people actually want to read.




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