While I still love the  pleasure of having a guide book in my hand, today I’d like to share with you a few of my very favorite free applications that I constantly use while traveling. 
As for your travel guide I haven’t discovered any app that beats Triposo. From Paris to Kabul you’ll find that it covers most of your possible destinations. 
The design is nice, clean and user friendly. Everything is easy to find and there’s a whole lot of filtering options to narrow down your search results according to your request. It gives a wide range of information from attractions, hotels, events to transportation. It even comes with a currency converter and a phrase book to catch up a few words in the local language. 
Also all attractions come with a brief history, timetable, price list, directions and reviews which is a must have feature in any travel app in my opinion.
Trail wallet
This app was made by Simon and Erin from Never ending voyage which is one of my all time favorite travel blogs to read. I think you get 20 uses for free but then you’ll have to pay for an updated version. I used it on my Madeira trip and it really helped out on keeping track of all my expenses. It’s great for those who are traveling on a budget and it’s fairly user friendly.
Trip adviser (city guides)
This is no surprise but if you’re ever in doubt about visiting a specific place or staying in a hotel Trip adviser is your new best friend. Although many travel apps do have reviews, but none of them are as broad and varied as Trip adviser. 
There are plenty of flight tracking apps, but some of them are either too complicated or take ages to load. This one however is great. It gives exactly the information you need in the fastest and most efficient way. 
This is one of the best apps offering offline maps if you want to avoid data roaming while you’re away. It’s easy to use and there’s a map of probably anywhere you would want. 
Wifi finder
This is a life savor for those of you who are smart phone addicts and feel the need to check in everywhere and let the world know you’re still alive!! It basically shows all the free and paid wifi spots around you which comes in handy very often!!
A few tips:
City guides: Triposo is a general city guide but whenever you’re traveling somewhere it’s better to search apps that are specifically designed for that city. Sometimes the information you get in one app are way better then applications that cover many cities. 
Packing: Apps like packlists are good to help you with not forgetting to pack anything. They give you a list of stuff that you might want to take according to your destination and weather situation. You can also add your own stuff as a ready-made list is obviously not going to work for everyone. The good thing is that it notifies you if you haven’t checked anything off your list.
I personally make a list of all the things I need to take on my Wunderlist whenever I remember them way before my trip. Then I just check my list when I’m doing my luggage and it works pretty well for me. 
I’m not going to mention apps like Google maps, Watsapp, Google translate or any weather apps. These are obviously all great but since they are for daily use and not only while traveling I don’t see any reason to point them out as many other people do. 
If you know any other apps that I can add to the list, do let me know. I’d love to hear about your discoveries. 
Until then, Happy Travels 🙂

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